I work mainly in the medium of collage. I enjoy the act of making a collage as well as the characteristics inherent in the use of this medium. I have also recently incorporated other materials such as wood and fabric into my work. I am interested in conveying a sense of being part of something bigger than our small world and what this can mean in relation to how we feel about our place. It has been my intention that my pictures feel both compelling and intimate and connect the viewer to that part of themselves that is the infinity of the universe. In the words of Mark Rothko "I have tried to make a place, not a picture".That place is where the inner and outer worlds become one.

Big Sky at Effemera Gallery in 2010, was about the infintiy of the sky and the dreams it creates. In 2011, I spent 3 months traveling through Europe. I created a series of collages that focused on the details that don’t make it into holiday snaps but which represent patterns and colour that connect all places. I am currently working with these images to create a project that explores the idea of what it really means to travel and how the notion of exploration forms questions around what constitutes our internal and external worlds I continued with the theme of how we perceive the world around us in 2011 and 2012: what we see and what we dont. My work for "Some of the Whole" has taken the motif the of the infinite sky as well as other images from the natural world to portray the new worlds that shifts in perception create, as well as the patterns that link these worlds. This exhibition brought together the work of photographer Karenne Rees and myself and was a response to ideas about time and space and how these inform both the artists and the viewers perception of the physical world. The "I Am A Tree" exhibition in May 2013, was made up of two distinct projects linked by the themes of destruction and the fragility of relationships, and by the use of the tree as a symbol.In "Family Tree" the tree is used as the traditional symbol of the family unit and in "Plantation", as a reference to patterns repeated in nature showing the the underlying connection of all living things. The "Family Tree" series is about the rings,cracks and colours telling the story of a family's history including growth and the adversities faced, all hidden from view until the tree is cut down by conflict, and its inner workings are exposed.The tree will either sprout again or it will die. The word "Stump" alludes to something lost;only a part remains and this is often non-functional or even dead. "Plantation" and "I Am A Tree" reference the rapid destruction of the remaining rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo by palm oil producers."Plantation" shows human hands as a reflection of the natural world, the tool of its destruction and potentially its renewal."I am A Tree" shows an orangutans hand, a great ape found only in the rain forests of South East Asia.The close connection to human beings is undeniable. h3. Curriculum Vitae I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Victoria College, Prahran Campus in 1986, majoring in printmaking. I completed a Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts at Ballarat University in 1994 after travelling throughout Europe, the United States and Mexico and starting a family. I have participated in numerous exhibitions over the years, but “Big Sky” at , was my first solo show. I started working in mixed media on paper while still at university and began using collage as a principle medium during this time but also incorporated painting and drawing in to my work. The “Big Sky” exhibition, represented a return to the medium of collage. It also heralded a return to a focus on the breaking down of boundaries and perceptions of the “real world”. 


1983- 1986 Bachelor of Arts, Victoria College, Prahran Campus 1994 Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts, University of Ballarat

Selected Recent Exhibitions

2009 “The Footy Show” Group exhibition–Effemera Gallery

2009 Group Exhibition- The Substation, Newport

2010- “Big Sky” solo exhibition- Effemera Gallery

2011-“Art with Attitude” Group Exhibition-Joel Gallery

2011- Open Studios Exhibition as part of the Big West festival – Group Exhibition at Effemera Gallery

2012 – "Some of the Whole" Exhibition with Karenne Rees at the Trocadero Art Space

2013 – "Land" Group exhibition at Wyndham Art Gallery

2013 – "I Am A Tree" Solo exhibition at the Trocadero Art Space

2013 – "Circle work" Group show at the Trocadero Art Space

2013 – "Random" Group show at the Trocadero Art space

2015- "Bark" Solo exhibtion at the Trocadero Art space


Art Bank

University of Ballarat


Vicky Saray