Current Exhibition

"Bark"- 1 -18 July 2015 Trocadero Art Space

The word “bark “can mean to forcibly remove a protective barrier, leaving a soft and vulnerable underbelly exposed. To remove or damage this layer is to put the whole organism in jeopardy and most likely destroy it.

These collages are portraits of the “skin” of trees, made from the vulnerable insides, exposed and manipulated, of real trees. The works are made up of layers showing the different colours and textures of the bark of the different species. Each portrait represents a tree endemic to one of the many endangered biodiversity hotspots around the world.

Proceeds from any sales will be donated to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia.



Featured on "The Block " September 2014


Recent Exhibitions:

"The End Of The World Can Wait"- November 6 to 23 2013. Trocadero Art Space

"Random" 25 September to 12 October 2013.Trocadero Art Space. Curated by Vicki Saray

Press release for "Random":  The dictionary definition of the word "Random" is something along the lines of "made, done, happening or chosen without method or conscious decision". This exhibition showcases the work of eight very different artists who use found or repurposed objects to make their work. The show explores the different reasons behind the use of materials manufactured or produced for another purpose to create something new.

"Circle Work" -July 2013 Trocadero Art Space . Group show
"I Am A Tree" May 1 to May 19 2013 Trocadero Art Space
Press release for "I Am A Tree" : "I Am A Tree" is a project about the destruction of relationships whether they be between humans and the natural environment or just a family, and what this means in terms of linking patterns, the fragility of balance and what kind of order can eventuate from chaos.
"Land" 20 March 2013 to April 22 2013 Wyndham Art Gallery. Piece included: "Storm Rolling into Williamstown"
"Some of the Whole" May -19 May 2012
Karenne Rees and Vicki Saray at Trocadero Art Space.
I Am A Tree